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Matt is a full stack web developer living in South Carolina.
This banner photo was captured in Seattle Washington at Hurricane Ridge!


The following are projects that I created during my time at Flatiron School. My most recent and favorite project is a Tetris inspired game called drop-a-block. This has been hosted on Heroku, please give the site a moment to load when you click on the link. I hope you enjoy taking a tour of my projects. Please checkback for updates and improvements.

Rachels Dessert App

DiMaggios Website - Mobile

Drop A Block

Specialty Building Solutions

MM Chat App

About Me

A beautiful sunset with 400 foot cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean, located at the Cliffs of Moher in IrelandPhoto taken in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher

I am a full stack web developer turned Solutions Engineer with experience in JavaScript and React & some Ruby on Rails. My affection for web development is strongly tied to my professional background. Working three years at a Sass startup at Kustomer which was acquired by Meta in 2022 and divested in 2023 from Meta. I also have a long family history in the restaurant business which truley shapped my work ethic and love for a great conversation. If you find yourself in Ocean Beach Fire Island stop into Rachel's for a cookie and say hi!


Please feel free to contact me via, email or LinkedIn to learn more about my projects, or even just to chat. Make it a great day!